Masterpieces of elegance

The Home Collection nods to the early XXth century, recalling the years in which modern design took shape in a series of chairs, armchairs, tables, benches, mirrors and séparé whose fil rouge consists of precious material, rigorous lines, balance of juxtapositions, formal and chromatic perfection. Marbles, fine fabrics and exotic essences s

uch as ebony characterize these furnishings as unique pieces that alone can enhance any architectural space.

Elegance, lightness, perfect alternation of full and empty spaces, apparent simplicity of language are the leitmotif of this collection. Home Collectionblends traditions and contemporaneity, featuring decorative solutions of great appeal that are suitable for both residential homes and luxury hotels.

Among the pieces of furniture, the Victoria armchair takes the spotlight anyplace, covered with selected leather or refined velvet. The Gramercy poufs, in three different sizes that can be mixed, are really unique thanks to the traditional padded top – covered with exclusive pastel-shade suede leather – that rests on an unusual golden, burnished metal or steel base. The Stuart dining table catches the eye for the richness of its materials – black marble with rose-coloured veinings and brushed brass – and the stylistic perfection reached through sculpted lines and light volumes. The Empire séparé has a special appeal thanks to its extreme uniqueness, centered on a precious stone, marble, wood and metal mosaic that unfolds unexpectedly to define even better any living space.